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Customomization Solutions chain(Crystals assembled electronic parts)
Experience of many years proves that in many cases customer's application requirements can't be met by using standard detectors or assemblies.

Sometimes the desirable results may be achieved by updating the standard modifications, such as by introducing novel material of a housing or a reflector, using special glues and immersion liquids, etc. selection of special photomultipliers for assemblies may turn out to be quite effective.

Special applications at times require all the development stages to be passed anew. Mathematical simulation and computer-aided programming help to calculate the light output value, its spatial inhomogeneity and detector resolution. In this case the conditions of combining scintillators and photoreceiver, light quides included, are considered.

Our researchers, technical specialists and detector designers will do their best to develop the design that will meet customer's requirements to the maximum extent possible. To succeed we have to do the following:

● to select the scintillation material;
● to estimate the conditions providing maximum light collection on a photodiode or PMT(Si-PNP);
● to select special construction materials;
● to select PMT(Si-PNP) and other electronic components;
● to develop special test models both of the device and its components.

● to draw the sketch of assembly of detector

● to process by considerable approach

Developments to special requests are carried out in close contact with customer's specialist, as an optimum detector for special application can be designed only by common efforts. We continue fundamental research and are always open to collaboration in the area of scientific study.

Shipments and returns

All of our crystals are well protected by foam boxes, we pack the bare crystals by Al bag. Packages are generally dispatched within 20 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via express with tracking and drop-off without signature. 

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Special care is taken to protect fragile objects. Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

All th crystals are guranteed from us, If the Goods are occurred to be not corresponding to the terms of the Contract through the Manufacturer's fault the Seller is to remedy a defect or to replace the defective Goods within one month after reclamation. The transportation charges connected with the replacement of the defective Goods are to be assumed by the Manufacturer. 

For any further info, pls come back to our logistical & sales representative. Thanks for your cooperation.


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