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About us

Kinheng has been committing to scintillator materials engineering since the foundation of company, It's professional solution provider company for scintillator materials growth and application. In the meantime, It supplied all series scintillators including(CsI(Tl), GAGG:Ce, LuAG:Ce, LuAG:Pr ,CsI(Na), NaI(Tl), BGO, LYSO:Ce etc) to meet different application in Nuclear radiation detection (X ray, Gamma ray and Neutron), Nuclear medical imaging, Security inspection, Oil logging(MWD/LWD), High energy physics and University education program etc.  

Kinheng provides customization of materials upon request in application. All staffs have worked hard to develop a good reputation in nuclear radiation detection and medical imaging world by providing excellent quality materials from Czochralski &Bridgman growth techniques crystal materials.

Kinheng was supported by the technicals consulting in high purity raw materials of crystal growth, Bridgman and Czochralski growth techniques, precision mechanic processing, encapsulation as well as our electronic assembly (PMT & Si-PNP coupled). Always focusing on "Technology, innovation, Value" in material science,We are ready to join you in creating a safe& Peaceful world.engineering engineering engineering

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