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Nuclear medical imaging

Nuclear Medical Imaging Solutions

What’s Medical imaging?
Nuclear medical imaging (also called radionuclide scanning) is an effective diagnostic tool because it shows not only the anatomy (structure) of an organ or body part, but the function of the organ as well. This additional "functional information" allows nuclear medicine to diagnose certain diseases and various medical conditions much sooner than other medical imaging examinations which provide mainly anatomic (structural) information about an organ or body part. Nuclear medicine can be valuable in the early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of numerous medical conditions and continues to grow as a powerful medical tool.
FOR MOST HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS that provide medical diagnostic imaging management which have been part of their daily life for general radiology modalities (i.e., CT, MR, X-ray, PET, SPECT, etc.). However, professionals in these institutions, from physicians, technologists, and administrators, to PACS/IT staff, have also been feeling the pain of not having proper PACS solutions for a range of different modalities. The most under-served modalities by PACS are the nuclear molecular imaging modalities, including PET-CT, SPECT-CT, nuclear cardiology, and general nuclear medicine.
Although nuclear molecular imaging is relatively small considering the number of exams performed per year, its importance is not to be underestimated, both clinically and financially. PET-CT has been proven to be the de facto modality when it comes to cancer diagnosis. Nuclear cardiology has been the modality of choice for noninvasive cardiology. General nuclear medicine provides many functional imaging applications that no other modalities can match. Financially, PET-CT and nuclear cardiology are still among the highest reimbursed procedures in diagnostic imaging.
What makes nuclear medical molecular imaging different from general radiology modalities is that the former images the functions of the body, while the latter images the anatomy of the body. This is why nuclear molecular imaging is sometimes also referred to as metabolic imaging. In order to analyze the functions of the body from the images acquired, special viewing and analyzing tools are required. These tools are exactly what are missing from the majority of the PACS today.
In this regards, More and more medical imaging technology company want to develop the newest generation PET, SPECT.   
What Kinheng can provide?
LYSO:Ce scintillator array
LYSO:Ce scintillator array materials are used as components in latest generation PET systems. Due to its good resolution, decay time, light yield and Time resolution. We can provide the customization service for different pixel, pitch, and assembly. 4×4 array, 8×8array, 16×16 array, 22×22 array etc.
YSO:Ce scintillator array
YSO:Ce scintillator array are very similar with LYSO:Ce scintillator which have advantages of high light output and density, quick decay time and excellent energy resolution, They are ideal materials for detection applications in nuclear physics and nuclear medicine which require higher, improved time resolution and superior energy resolution. Customization service is workable. 4×4 array, 8×8array, 16×16 array, 22×22 array etc.
GAGG:Ce scintillator array
GAGG:Ce is highest light output scintillator in all oxide scintillator, besides it’s good energy resolution 6%, high density, non-self-radiation, non-hygroscopic, widely used in PET, PEM, SPECT, CT and Gamma detector.
Regular pixel array 4×4 array, 8×8array, 16×16 array etc. Customization is also in service.
BGO scintillator array
BGO scintillators are initial materials for nuclear imaging, which has high density, in recently years more and more medical imaging manufacture replace BGO by LYSO:Ce, due to LYSO:Ce’s property is more better than BGO’s in energy& time resolution, light output and decay time. But most of traditional supplier also are using BGO Scintillator array.
Regular pixel array 4×4 array, 8×8array, 16×16 array, 22×22 array etc. Customization is also in service.
LSO:Ce scintillator array
LSO:Ce scintillator, is new generation inorganic scintillator material, Which has high light yield, short decay time, high density, High effective atomic number, non-hygroscopic, stability, high detection efficiency for gamma ray. It is regards as to be the most comprehensive scintillator material. It’s also widely use as nuclear Medical, physics area.  
Regular pixel array 4×4 array, 8×8array, 16×16 array, 22×22 array etc. Customization is also in service.


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