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Nuclear Radiation Detection

Nuclear Radiation Detection solution

Detection, monitoring, and characterization of nuclear materials will be a key challenge of this decade. Our target is to provide the most reliable solutions for detection world.
Nuclear Radiation Detection Issues:
Most of radiation detection applications met similar challenges including: 
 Source Identification: There are many different sources of radiation (man-made and naturally occurring ones). The ability to not only detect radiation but identify the source is key. 
 Background rejection: Radiation from cosmic and other backgrounds is always present and needs to be distinguished from sources of interest.
 Availability of detection materials: Many commonly used detection materials, such as He-3, are rare and only available in limited supply.
 Safety: A number of detector materials are toxic, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous.
 Scalability: Simply put, the bigger the detector, the quicker a source can be detected.
Cost: Some of the best detector materials are extremely costly due to the complexity of their production process or their limited availability.
What Kinheng can provide:
Coming from the field of fundamental material science, we came up with a completely new approach to radiation detection.
Our platform technology enables a number of unique solutions in several markets, based on the following basic materials:
NaI(Tl) detector:
KINHENG provide all series dimension for NaI(Tl) scintillator material in different application, our available dimension range is Dia10mm to Dia200mm nude crystals available.  FWHM range: 7%-8.5% @Cs137 662Kev
Besides, we can provide the customization service in various sharp of crystal including Cylinder, cubic, end well, side windows encapsulation. In past few decades, NaI(Tl) scintillators is mainly materials for nuclear radiation detection in the world due to its good FWHM, Cheapest cost, stability etc.
Kinheng also provide Crystal assembly service, including Crystal+PMT+Housing,+ shielding+ BNC single+HV+MCA assembly.
CsI(Tl) detector:
CsI(Tl) scintillator is good for hand hold, portable detector. we can provide mm range dimension of this material. Cubic and cylinder Sharpe are available. It’s grew by Czochralski growth method, the uniformity, FWHM, Light output are much better than Bridgman Temperature changing Technique growth. Dimension ranges is available 1×1×1mm, 1”×1”×1”, 3”×3”×3”, 3”×3”×12”, Dia10mm till up to Dia300mm.
FWHM range: 6.5%-7.5% @Cs137 662Kev
Kinheng also provide mechanic of assembly including CsI(Tl)+TiO2 COATING+ SiPM OR PD.
CsI(Na) detector:
Most of time CsI(Na) detector are used in Oil industry(MWD/LWD), because of its high light yield, low cost, Dimension available Dia2”, 300mm length
CLYC:Ce detector:
For neutron detection, we can provide CLYC:Ce to meet customers’ requirements. Due to the isotope Li has high detection efficiency for neutron. Dimension available is Dia25mm.
FWHM range: 5%max @Cs137 662Kev, Or 252CF source
GAGG:Ce detector:
We can provide Dia60x180mm GAGG ingot, according to various application, customized dimension is workable.
BGO detector:
Bi4Ge3O12 scintillators has high density to resist the ray, it’s widely used in industry detector to nuclear plant etc.


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