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LaBr3 Scintillator Array


1.Fast decay time

2.High light output

3.Excellent energy resolution

4.High count rate

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  • LaBr3:Ce scintillation crystals (Lanthanum Bromide doped with Cerium chloride) which have the light outputs of 1.3~1.7 times as much as that of NaI: TI, and their decay time is 17ns~25ns, only 1/20~1/10 of NaI: TI. Their energy resolutions are better than all other scintillation crystals known. They can be used for almost fields of nuclear radiation detection because of high performances.




    Emission Peak(nm)


    Light Output (Comparing NaI(Tl)


    Decay Time(ns)


    Energy Resolution@Cs137 662keV


    1.  Type: linear array (1D) or 2D array 

    Our Advantage: 
    Minimal pixel dimension available
    Reduced optical crosstalk
    Good uniformity between pixel to pixel/ array to array
    Pixel Gap: 0.08, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm
    Performance testing available

    2. Kinheng offers various arrays for end application
    We can provide CsI(Tl), CsI(Na), CdWO4, LYSO,LSO, YSO, GAGG, BGO,LaBr3 scintillation arrays. Based on the application TiO2/BaSO4/ESR/E60 are wildly used as reflective material for pixel isolation. Our mechanical processing keeps the minimal tolerance to optimize array’s physical properties including tolerance, dimension, minimal-cross talk and uniformity etc..

    3.Materials' Properties

    Properties CsI(Tl) GAGG CdWO4 LYSO LSO BGO GOS(Pr/Tb) Ceramic LaBr3
    Density(g/cm3) 4.51 6.6 7.9 7.15 7.3~7.4 7.13 7.34 4.9
    Hygroscopic Slightly No No No No No No Yes
    Relative light output(% of NaI(Tl)) (for γ-rays) 45 158(HL)/ 132(BL)/79(FD) 32 65-75 75 15-20 71/ 118 130-170
    Decay time(ns) 1000 150(HL)/ 90(BL)/48(FD) 14000 38-42 40 300 3000/ 600000 20
    Afterglow@30ms 0.6-0.8% 0.1-0.2% 0.1-0.2% N/A N/A 0.1-0.2% 0.1-0.2% N/A
    Array type Linear and 2D Linear and 2D Linear and 2D 2D 2D 2D Linear and 2D 2D

    4.Mechanical design for assembling

    Based on the end use of assembled array, there are many kinds of mechanic design from Kinheng to meet the medical and security inspection industry.

    1D Liner array are mainly used for Security inspection industy, such as Bagger scanner, Aviation scanner, 3D scanner and NDT. Material Including CsI(Tl), GOS:Tb/Pr Film, GAGG:Ce, CdWO4 scintillator etc. They are typically coupled with Silicon Photodiode line array for read out.

    2D array are normally used for imaging, including Medical(SPECT, PET, PET-CT, ToF-PET), SEM, Gamma camera. These 2D array are typically coupled with SIPM array, PMT array for read out. Kinheng provide 2D array including LYSO, CsI(Tl), LSO, GAGG, YSO, CsI(Na), BGO,LaBr3 scintillator etc.

    Below is kinheng’s typically design drawing for 1D And 2D array for industry.

                                                                  (Kinheng linear array)

                                                                   (Kinheng 2D array)

    4-A: Important parameter: (A,B,C,D in above design)

    A.1 Material type: As per request from customer

    A.2 Pixel size: Linear array pixel size A,B,C & 2D array pixel size A, C are adjustable per request

    A.3 Pitch: Linear array A+B & 2D array B, D are adjustable per request

    A.4 GAP: We provided the smallest gap 0.1mm (including adhesive) for linear array and 0.08mm (including adhesive) for 2D array

    A.5 Array thickness: As per request. Kinheng provides customization

    A.6 Treatment of pixel: Polishing, finely ground or special request available

    4-B:Typical Pixel size& numbers

    Material Typical pixel size Typical numbers
    Linear 2D Linear 2D
    CsI(Tl) 1.275x2.7 1x1mm 1x16 19x19
    GAGG 1.275x2.7 0.5x0.5mm 1X16 8x8
    CdWO4 1.275x2.7 3x3mm 1x16 8x8
    LYSO/LSO/YSO N/A 1X1mm N/A 25x25
    BGO N/A 1x1mm N/A 13X13
    GOS(Tb/Pr) ceramic 1.275X2.7 1X1mm 1X16 19X19

    4-C:Minimal size of Pixel

    Material Minimal pixel size
    Linear 2D
    CsI(Tl) 0.4mm pitch 0.5mm pitch
    GAGG 0.4mm pitch 0.2mm pitch
    CdWO4 0.4mm pitch 1mm pitch
    LYSO/LSO/YSO N/A 0.2mm pitch
    BGO N/A 0.2mm pitch
    GOS(Tb/Pr) ceramic 0.4mm pitch 1mm pitch

    5.Scintillation Array Reflector and Adhesive parameter 

    Reflector Thickness of Reflector+Adhesive
    Linear 2D
    TiO2 0.1-1mm 0.1—1mm
    BaSO4 0.1mm 0.1-0.5mm
    ESR N/A 0.08mm
    E60 N/A 0.075mm

    6.Scintillation array application

    Item name CsI(Tl) GAGG CdWO4 LYSO LSO BGO GOS(Tb/Pr) Ceramic
    PET, ToF-PET
    Yes Yes

    SPECT Yes Yes


    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    NDT Yes Yes Yes

    Bagger scanner Yes Yes Yes

    Container Checking Yes Yes Yes

    Gamma camera Yes Yes

    7. Quality control for Array

    7-1.Energy resolution testing (Na22)

    7-2 .Floods map

    7-3.Relative light output testing for linear array 

    Kinheng has capacity for relative light output comparison testing for LYSO/GAGG with NaI(Tl)by PMT read out. 

    7-4. Uniformity Guarantee

    Kinheng will select each single pixel per request, we are able to keep the light output uniformity within ±5%,±10%, ±15% per different requirement. Each slab was carefully selected and tested.

    7-5.Internal defects testing 

    7-6.Physical dimension testing  


  • CsI(Tl) Scintillator Array

    GAGG Scintillator Array

    LYSO Scintillator Array

    CdWO4 Scintillator Array

    BGO Scintillator Array

    GOS Scintillator Array, GOS Ceramic array, GOS film array

    LSO Scintillator Array

    YSO:Ce Scintillator Array

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