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Sapphire Substrate


1.Heat conduction
2.High hardness
3.Infrared transmission
4.Good chemical stability
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  • Sapphire (Al2O3) single crystal is an excellent multifunctional material. It has high temperature resistance, good heat conduction, high hardness, infrared transmission and good chemical stability. It is widely used in many fields of industry, national defense and scientific research (such as high temperature infrared window). At the same time, it is also a kind of widely used single crystal substrate material. It is the first choice substrate in the current blue, violet, white light-emitting diode (LED) and blue laser (LD) industry (gallium nitride film needs to be epitaxial on the sapphire substrate first), and it is also an important superconducting film substrate. In addition to the Y-system, La system and other high-temperature superconducting films, it can also be used to grow new practical MgB2 (magnesium diboride) superconducting films (usually the single-crystal substrate will be chemically corroded during the fabrication of MgB2 films).



    Crystal Purity

    > 99.99%

    Melt Point(℃)




    Hardness (Mho)

    9 (

    Thermal Expansion

    7.5  (x10-6oC)

    Specific Heat

    0.10  ( cal / oC)

    Thermal Conductivity

    46.06 @ 0 oC     25.12 @ 100 oC,     12.56 @ 400 oC                ( W/(m.K) )

    Dielectric Constant

    ~ 9.4 @300K  at A axis    ~ 11.58@ 300K at C axis

    Loss Tangent at 10 GHz

    < 2x10-5  at A axis ,       <5 x10-5  at C axis

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