LYSO:Ce Scintillator, Lyso Crystal, Lyso Scintillator, Lyso Scintillation Crystal

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LYSO:Ce is a new inorganic scintillation crystal for medical imaging. It has high light output, fast decay time, good radiation hardness, high density, high effective atomic numbers, high detection efficiency of gamma rays.

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Shape and Typical Size

Rectangle, cylinder. Dia88x200mm.


● Good light output

● High density

● Fast decay times, good timing resolution

● Good energy resolution

● Non-hygroscopic

● Enhanced LYSO can achieve fast decay time for ToF-PET


● Nuclear medical imaging (especially in PET, ToF-PET)

● High energy physics

● Geophysical exploration


Crystal System


Density (g/cm3)


Hardness (Mho)


Refractive Index


Light Output (Comparing NaI(Tl))


Decay Time (ns)


Peak Wavelength (nm)


Anti-radiation (rad)


Product Introduction

LYSO, or lutetium yttrium oxide orthosilicate, is a scintillation crystal commonly used in medical imaging equipment such as PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners.  LYSO crystals are known for their high photon yield, fast decay time, and excellent energy resolution, making them ideal for detecting gamma rays emitted by radioisotopes in vivo.  LYSO crystals also have relatively low afterglow, meaning they quickly return to their original state after exposure to radiation, allowing images to be acquired and processed more quickly.


1. High light output: LYSO crystals have a high photon yield, which means they can detect a large amount of gamma rays and convert them into light. This results in a sharper, more accurate image.

2. Fast decay time: LYSO crystal has a fast decay time, that is, it can quickly return to its original state after being subjected to gamma radiation. This allows for faster image acquisition and processing.

3. Excellent energy resolution: LYSO crystals can more accurately distinguish gamma rays of different energies than other scintillation materials. This allows for better identification and measurement of radioactive isotopes in the body.

4. Low afterglow: The afterglow of LYSO crystal is relatively low, that is, it can quickly return to its original shape after being irradiated. This reduces the time needed to clear the crystals before taking the next image. 5. High density: LYSO crystal has high density, which is suitable for small and compact medical imaging equipment such as PET scanners.

LYSO/LSO/BGO Comparison Testing


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