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1.Excellent optical and physical property

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YAP single crystal is an important matrix material with excellent optical and physical-chemical properties similar to YAG single crystal. Rare earth and transition metal ion doped Yap crystals are widely used in laser, scintillation, holographic recording and optical data storage, ionizing radiation dosimeter, high-temperature superconducting film substrate and other fields.




Lattice Constant

a=5.176 Å、b=5.307 Å、c=7.355 Å



Melting Point(℃)


Dielectric Constant




YAP Substrate Definition

YAP substrate refers to a crystalline substrate made of yttrium aluminum perovskite (YAP) material. YAP is a synthetic crystalline material consisting of yttrium, aluminum and oxygen atoms arranged in a perovskite crystal structure.

YAP substrates are commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

1. Scintillation detectors: YAP has excellent scintillation properties, which means it glows when exposed to ionizing radiation. YAP substrates are commonly used as scintillation materials in detectors for medical imaging (such as positron emission tomography or gamma cameras) and high-energy physics experiments.

2. Solid-state lasers: YAP crystals can be used as gain media in solid-state lasers, especially in the green or blue wavelength range. YAP substrates provide a stable and durable platform for generating laser beams with high power and good beam quality.

3. Electro-optic and acousto-optic: YAP substrates can be used in various electro-optic and acousto-optic devices, such as modulators, switches and frequency shifters. These devices exploit the properties of YAP crystals to control the transmission or modulation of light using electric fields or sound waves.

4. Nuclear radiation detectors: YAP substrates are also used in nuclear radiation detectors due to their scintillation properties. They can accurately detect and measure the intensity of various types of radiation, making them useful in nuclear physics research, environmental monitoring, and medical applications.

YAP substrates have the advantages of high light output, fast decay time, good energy resolution, and high resistance to radiation damage. These properties make them suitable for applications requiring high-performance scintillator or laser materials.

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