YAP:Ce Scintillator, Yap Ce Crystal, YAp:Ce Scintillation crystal

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YAP:Ce is a fast scintillation crystal with good mechanic strength and chemically resistant property. High mechanical strength enable precise machining, entrance windows can be made with a very thin aluminum layer deposited on the surface of the crystal.

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● Fast decay time

● Good stopping power

● Good performance at high temperatures

● Non-hygroscopic

● Mechanical strength


● Gamma and X-ray counting

● Electron microscopy

● Electron X-ray imaging screens

● Oil logging


Crystal System


Density (g/cm3)


Hardness (Mho)


Light Yield (photons/keV)


Decay Time(ns)




Product Introduction

YAP:Ce scintillator is another scintillation crystal doped with cerium (Ce) ions. YAP stands for yttrium orthoaluminate co-doped with praseodymium (Pr) and cerium (Ce). YAP:Ce scintillators have high light output and temporal resolution, making them suitable for high-energy physics experiments as well as positron emission tomography (PET) scanners.

In PET scanners, the YAP:Ce scintillator is used similarly to the LSO:Ce scintillator. The YAP:Ce crystal absorbs photons emitted by the radiotracer, producing scintillation light that is detected by a photomultiplier tube (PMT). The PMT then converts the scintillation signal into digital data, which is processed to generate an image of the radiotracer distribution.

YAP:Ce scintillators are preferred over LSO:Ce scintillators because of their faster response time, which improves the temporal resolution of PET scanners. They also have low decay time constants, reducing the effects of buildup and dead time in electronics. However, YAP:Ce scintillators are more expensive to produce and less dense than LSO:Ce scintillators, which affects the spatial resolution of PET scanners.

YAP:Ce scintillators have multiple applications besides their use in PET scanners and high energy physics experiments. Some of these applications include:

1. Gamma-ray detection: YAP:Ce scintillators can detect gamma-rays from various sources, including nuclear reactors, radioisotopes, and medical equipment.

2. Radiation monitoring: YAP:Ce scintillators can be used to monitor radiation levels in nuclear power plants or areas affected by nuclear accidents.

3. Nuclear medicine: YAP:Ce scintillators can be used as detectors in imaging methods such as SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography), which is similar to PET but uses a different radiotracer.

4. Security scanning: YAP:Ce scintillators can be used in X-ray scanners for security screening of luggage, packages or people at airports or other high security areas.

5. Astrophysics: YAP:Ce scintillators can be used to detect cosmic gamma rays emitted by astrophysical sources such as supernovae or gamma-ray bursts.

Performance of YAP:Ce


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